Noodles in NOLA

Noodles in Nola are certainly not hard to find.

That’s why it is always one of my favorite go-to options when it’s chilly outside and I’m looking for something to warm my belly. Noodles are a primary comfort food across the globe and there is a reason behind it. In New Orleans, we have a very large Asian population that has blessed this city with their cuisine for years. Recently, the number of restaurants with an Asian influence has exploded (YAYYYYYYYYY).

Here, I’m listing some of the places I get my noodle fix from on a regular basis. They’re all delicious and different, and each with their own dish that I crave. There are a ton of other noodle joints around NOLA, so make sure to tell me about your favorites in the comments below!

 RAMEN from Noodle and Pie

Ramen from Noodle and Pie

HOUSE BOWL RAMEN from Noodle and Pie

House Bowl Ramen- Shoyu chicken broth, slow cooked pork shoulder, soft egg, greens, mushrooms, shredded nori

If we’re talking about Noodles, let’s start with the place that named their restaurant after them! Noodle and Pie is a small restaurant on Magazine that keeps the menu limited to ensure the best dishes continue to come out consistently good.
Their ramen is a must, but make sure to try their apps and whatever they have as specials too! Oh, and that pie, yea, save room for some.

Pad Thai from Thai Mint


PAD THAI from Thai Mint

Pad Thai- Rice noodles sauteed with shrimp, green onions, and egg in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce served with sprouts and crushed peanuts.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Thai Mint. As far as convenient Thai restaurants in the NOLA area, The Basil Leaf was something to RAVE about. It was basically the Thai food I was raised on. Well, in the previous owner’s good fortune, he found a beautiful bride and moved back to Thailand, which led him to selling the Basil Leaf (or so I was told). Today it is Thai Mint and it took me awhile to accept the change.

I miss Basil Leaf, for sure, but Thai Mint does a FANTASTIC job with my quick Thai lunch fix when I need one! They have a wonderful service staff (if you find out what kind of happy drugs they are giving the staff, let me know) and they start off with the right kind of Thai heat–with options to get hotter, of course.

Pho from Namese

Namese Pho

RARE STEAK PHO from Namese

Rare Steak Pho- Flat rice noodle in pho broth; served with cilantro, onions, basil, bean sprouts, & limes.

Ah Namese, one of the newer Vietnamese places to grace the NOLA metro area. Lucky for me, their pho is pretty darn good, they are decently priced, AND THEY DELIVER! As a Mid-City girl myself, this was a fantastic addition to the already great food scene in the area.

Pho is the dish for when you’re sick (or not), it’s cold outside (or not), or when you have a hankering for an obscenely filling and flavorful meal (seriously, so filling). I won’t lie, I love many a Vietnamese restaurant in the area, but I do patronize this location most often.

PANCIT from Milk Fish



 Pancit Malabon- Thick rice noodles sautéed in shrimp stock & fish sauce, served with shrimp, squid, milkfish, & pork belly. Topped with pickled quail eggs, chicharron powder, bonito, & cilantro.

Milk Fish is a great intro into Filipino food. First off, go with friends and order the Puluton Plate to get a sampling of their starters to get an idea of what they have to offer and make sure to try their cocktails. No matter how large of a group you go with, make sure at least half of them order one of the two pancit dishes because they are so good and it’s literally one of those dishes that you can’t stop eating because it is so very very tasty and delicious. There is a reason this is a staple in Filipino homes. Order it and be happy. Trust me.

This is just a briefing of the many great places to get delicious, filling noodle dishes during the cold weather here in NOLA.

I have so many other places that serve excellent noodle dishes (more pho, more pad thai, more vermicelli, oh my goodness gracious), but the beauty of this city is that we can love them all! Go out, and get your noodle on and make sure to tell us all about it!

Honorable mentions (that I didn’t have photos for) go out to:

Pho Tau Bay
Sukho Thai
Little Tokyo Noodle House


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