Everyone in New Orleans grows up always talking about food. It’s just a part of being a New Orleanian. Not everyone grows up with their entire family in the food industry. I grew up spoiled. Very spoiled. I ate better than any kid should. My passion for food is a selfish passion. I am always thinking about my last meal and then what my next meal will be. If food is your passion, you get me.

I do, and always will, have a special place in my heart for Mid-City. I grew up in a house (Montero Manor) that has been in the family for generations. My dad has stories of watching my great-grandmother cooking in the same spot we stand around for our weekly Sunday Night Dinners.

My dad, aka Chef Daddio, who I may mention frequently, is half of the two who put on Sunday Night dinners. There will be many photos from these dinners, but besides the gallery, I’m not sure how much I will be posting on them.

Most of my musings will be on local restaurants and bars we (usually The Boy or The Sister) visit or occasionally a dish I cook at the Mini Montero Manor (my humble apartment a few blocks from Montero Manor).

By day, I’m paid the big bucks (haha) to promote three local restaurant concepts and a catering concept within a restaurant management company. By night, I am NOLAFOODETTE.

Thanks for checking me out and read-on to see what I’m eating and drinking in this wonderful city!

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