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Uniquely New Orleans Thanksgiving Dishes

For Thanksgiving, New Orleanians know how to celebrate this day of gluttony… er “thanks”… very well and (as expected) take any excuse to celebrate food appropriately. Natives of New Orleans, however, don’t realize they have different meal traditions than the … Continue reading

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A Healthy Salad for the Holidays- A Risk I’m Willing to Take!

Historically, the holidays are a time for families to gather and make memories and be fat together. In recent years, the planning for fatness with my family is via email chains with sign-up sheets for who is bringing what. The … Continue reading

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Going for Fall Food in NOLA

Fall in New Orleans is a wonderfully confusing time of year. Once September hits, we get a taste of relief from the 90 degree, 80% humidity and we can experience a day (that’s right one day) of a high of … Continue reading

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Historic Creole NOLA Dining at Dooky Chase’s

From the outside it’s a very unassuming building besides, of course, the smell of freshly fried chicken wafting through the air. That smell immediately has your tummy directing your gaze to the corner that has that historic sign that has … Continue reading

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Garlicky Broccoli

While I like to think that I’m a decent home cook, there is no denying the fact that a majority of my home cooking recipes come from my family. Over and over again I will state how spoiled I am … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Bar Hopping

I’m lucky to have my family for a many number of reasons, but most recently, we were able to celebrate Sunday Night Dinner in a unique way because of a family member’s need for some work R&D. So, the mission: … Continue reading

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