It’s Time For NOLAFoodette

I’m going through the many, hundreds (thousands?) of photos of food that I have and I figured, well shoot, I have so much to talk about! I have food shots from home, food shots from family dinner, and food shots from restaurants all throughout the city.

Now, sitting at my desk, looking at my photos, I don’t want to post any of them. Every one has a story, but how do I frame it? Is it just about the taste? The preparation? Why am I so obsessed with food?

Well, it’s not about the food. It’s about sharing. It’s about people. It’s about having that moment when everyone is laughing/fighting/learning and then they all stop when the food hits the table and everyone takes in the sight, the smell and then finally, the taste of something special.

We all need food. Some love that we need it, some hate that we need it. We need it to live. I need it, but more so, I want it. I want the laughter, the fighting, the learning and the sharing that comes with it.

About NOLAFoodette

Born and raised NOLA girl who has been immersed in the food and beverage industry her whole life. I'm a fat kid at heart and NOLA obsessed.
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3 Responses to It’s Time For NOLAFoodette

  1. Alison Hines says:

    Amen!! So excited to see what’s to come here on your blog!

  2. Bonnie LaNasa says:

    We are all so fortunate you have an outlet for all of your food and drink passions! You go girl!

  3. Lizz12087 says:

    I’m looking forward to what is posted next!!

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